About us

Donationsvilla.com is the number one solution point for those looking to set up their own donation platforms, many of the white label platforms you see out there were setup by our team.

Donationsvilla.com was founded with a small team of experts who were able to leverage their extensive marketing experience, development, and system design skills to form a unique company that is dedicated to producing world-class donation platforms. We had the opportunity to design a true enterprise-wide offering on a technologically advanced platform. That was the beginning Donationsvilla.com

Our system grew with the needs of our partners to include eCommerce, CRM, email list services, web services, and a host of other tools. Over the years, Donationsvilla.com introduced new products and services to serve our clients.

Donationsvilla.com currently serves thousands of partners worldwide and is pleased to be a part of the vital work that many of our partners are accomplishing around the world. While technology continually changes, our initial goal of “going above and beyond” remains the same. With over 125 employees situated around our various offices worldwide, we are ready to take the “giving world” to the next level.

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